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Forestry and Pallet Manufacturing Sustainability

Sustainability in our Forestry and Pallet Manufacturing processes are a top priority for A&L Wood. Learn more about the practices and data we maintain in regard to our sustainability efforts.
Environmental Scorecard

Our Data was Last Updated in February 2024. Check back regularly for updated information.

recyclable products

Recyclable Pallets
Year to Date

Co2 Emissions Saved*

kg of Carbon Dioxide
Year to Date
Tons averted from Landfill
Year to Date

*estimated based on standard sized 48x40 pallet as set forth as set forth in the Pallet Design System analysis metric Carbon Impact with Potential Offsets

Our Practices

Processes we follow to ensure our Forestry and Pallet Manufacturing Practices are Environmentally Friendly

  • A&L Wood’s foresters are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. This certification demonstrates that we are committed to ensuring forests remain vigorous and healthy.

  • Selective logging, with long-term forest health in mind, helps maintain the ecological balance of a forest.

  • We source our logs within 100 mile radius and our sawing and nailing processes all take place at 1 location close to where the wood is grown. This reduces diesel emissions by minimizing transportation miles of raw lumber which includes all of the wood fiber required for pallet production (i.e. sawdust from cutting, inferior lumber).

  • We employ state of the art scanning and decision making software in our sawing operations to minimize waste far below industry standards.

  • We also use the industry standard Pallet Design Softare (PDS) developed by Virginia Tech’s Center for Packing and Unit Load Design to ensure the most efficient wood usage in our pallet design.
Our Associations

Organizations we work with to ensure our practices align with the Pallet Manufacturing industries goals for Environmental Protection and Sustainability.

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