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Timber Mats and Pipeline Skids

Heavy Duty Skids - Pipe Risers – Pipe-Line Skids

Heavy Duty Skids - Pipe Risers

A & L Wood uses only the best quality hardwood in manufacturing its pipeline skids, 4+6”48” is our standard size, Please ask about our other sizes available.

Our Heavy Duty Skids are:

  • Extremely Durable – sawn from the most dense and tough hardwoods.
  • Solid  - allows for long pipe lengths to be held during installation and maintenance
  • Ideal/common use is for pipelines and cribbing

Heavy Duty Skids - Pipe Risers


Timber Mats (hardwood mats, swamp mats, hardwood timber mats)

Timber Mats - Hardwood MatsA & L Wood inc. manufactures Timber mats using quality mixed hardwood species like oak, maple and hickory.

The timber mats are bolted together with thru bolts and the nut and washers are countersunk, Mat ends are notched for easy access to a exposed bolt lifting point.

The timber ends are painted with a protective sealant to prevent splitting and checking, providing you with a long lasting timber mat you can rely on to get the job done.Extremely Durable – sawn from the most dense and tough hardwoods.

ideal/common use is for bridge mats, road mats, swamp mats, crane mats, excavation support, pipeline mats, decking, and strong enough for most track equipment

 Fully manageable with notched lifting eyes.  Notched rods provide security and safety.

Dependable & Tough – these timber mats are stable and dependable enough for confident, strong protection while also protecting your land itself.

Timber Mats - Swamp MapsRot-protected hardwood mats: mats are coated on ends with rot protectant, resulting in longer-lasting hardwood mats and saving costs Each hardwood mat precisely meets specifications- drilled by precision machines.

These timber mats are easy to use, transport and reuse- making for very cost-effective hardwood mats.

Standard dimensions are 4 feet (width) x 8 inches (thickness) x 16 - 18 feet (length). Custom widths, thicknesses, and lengths are available as well.

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