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About Us

Crafting Excellence in Pallet Design and Manufacturing Since 1979.

Our Story

How A&L Wood got to where it is today

Since our founding in 1979, A&L Wood has been a family owned and operated business located in the heart of central Pennsylvania’s prized hardwood forestland. From its humble beginnings hand-building bins and apple crates, A&L Wood has matured into a highly automated, vertically integrated, and exceptionally competent pallet manufacturer.

Yes, we continually invest in our manufacturing equipment and processes to stay ahead of the curve. Yes, we are committed to environmental stewardship by employing SFI foresters to ensure best practices and operate such that no wood fiber is sent to the landfill. Yes, we are proud of the exceptional customer service and consistency we can offer with our vertically integrated model and robust partner network. However, our special sauce truly lies with our people. Without our team, none of the aforementioned would matter. From the operating floor to the office, A&L Wood is being led by exceptional individuals who have been here since the company’s early days, and it is so exciting to see a second generation taking an interest in becoming the company’s future leaders. The dedication, intelligence, and overall quality of the individuals that make up the A&L Wood family makes us the strong competitor that we are today. We believe that it is these qualities that create the trust and value to create strong long-term relationships, and consequently these are the qualities that matter to us.

Stop Worrying about Quality or Supply Chain Issues