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A&L Wood Inc

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Superior quality pallets and highly reliable service for all of your business needs

Since 1979, our predictable, integrated pallet supply and manufacturing business ensures your goods make their destination.
The Hardwood Pallet Experts

We obsess over hardwood and pallets, so that you don’t have to think about them at all.

A&L Wood sources, builds and delivers some of the highest quality pallets on the market. Designed for your “just-in-time” business needs, our geographically dispersed hardwood supply network and pallet-focused sawmill operations provide an unmatched combination of quality and reliability.

We take the guesswork out of your pallet needs.

Superior quality, expertly sourced hardwood materials and lumber, combined with our proprietary sawmill operations, produces dependable pallets for your business, delivered on-time, or on-demand.

More than just hardwood and pallets, our fleet of inbound and outbound freight services operate under common ownership. Our trucks can help lower your shipping prices and streamline logistics.

Our team of foresters fairly assess and purchase your standing timber from land owners, while ensuring that your land is preserved for future harvesting. We are committed to respecting your land and valuing your timber.

Our raw inventory of hardwood enables the production of a host of residuals for your business, including sawdust, wood chips, and raw bark.

A&L Wood Facility in Pennsylvania
Why Choose A&L Wood

For Customers that seek high-quality, custom-designed wood pallets to ensure the safety, efficiency and throughput of their goods, but demand regional, dedicated customer service and flexible offerings, A&L Wood is the Pallet manufacturing, design and transport company that provides the highest quality lumber with the most tailored, regional service.

Stop Worrying about Quality or Supply Chain Issues

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