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A&L Wood specializes in Pallets & Timber Mats

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Top reasons to choose A&L Wood:

  • Your local mass producer of
    • Pallets
  • Giving you the resources and capacity available to consistently provide what you need!
    • Don’t run out! 
      A&L Wood, Inc is able to keep up with consistent orders of large volumes of pallet orders, etc.
      We are even the supplier of cut stock supplies/precut boards for OTHER pallet mills!
  • Marcellus Shale from the ideal, centralized location in the heart of the PA Marcellus shale, enabling quick shipment, reduced shipping costs.
    • Due to our access to localized resources and available network of suppliers, we offer quick, lower shipping prices and large, high-volume, and frequent order processing.
  • A&L Wood Inc, has been around for long time, since 1979.   A&L Wood sticks by our customers for the long haul.
  • A&L Wood Inc is close-by:
    • A&L Wood, Inc’s main mill is in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA 17853
      A&L Wood, Inc has a log receiving yard in stock yard in Dushore, PA 18614

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